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We at The Crone and the Wise Cat are a company based on the school of thought of metaphysics, science, and spirituality. We offer services, products, and classes to suit the many needs of those who seek. We, just like you are always learning and in that spirit, we as proprietors seek knowledge out. This is so we can ensure your best experience.

Katrice and Jacqueline bring passion to everything they are involved in. They are open to all things and schools of thought. They strive to filter this passion into service for the greater good and you! They also bring a wonderful dose of sass and humor. Remember all work and no play closes down that third eye!

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ORDM. Jacqueline Hayes Psychic Medium 

Ordained Minister,  Psychic Medium, Cert. Trance Healer, Cert. Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, Cert.Spiritual Life Coach, AAS in Psychology, Spiritual Artist, Witch, Ghost Hunter.

Owner  Practioner

Dr. Katrice Garland, Div.,CCP  Intuitive Medium

Intuitive Medium, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Energy Healer, Spiritual Nutritionist, Shamanic Practitioner, Poet, Writer, Craftperson, Coffee lover

Owner Practioner


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Happy Client

" All I can say is Powerful! I had a crystal healing session with her and it was moving. As the week went on the healing intensified! What a great feeling ! Highly Recimend!"

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

The single best reading I've had in years, Current trends completely accurate, future trends logical and positive!! AMAZINGLY clear! Jacqueline went through current trends and looked at where the current trends were taking me. She was able to very clearly pick out people associated with the situation with great detail. At the end of the reading I was able to ask questions and clarify things I wasn't clear on! I didn't have to wait long for the reading to take place which I love!! Since the reading I've felt very at peace with my life :) I HIGHLY recommend Jacqueline!


I don't normally believe in psychics but I heard they have really good mediums. I had Jackie and she was saying stuff that I didn't even know and later asked my mom about her side of the family and my mom was blown away. She got in touch with my father who passed away 5 years ago today and he was saying stuff that I couldn't believe (positive of course) my heart dropped from so much emotion! Like woah! I felt relaxed and my anxiety just went away. Highly recommend :)

What People Are Saying




Monday - Saturday: 10am to 7pm 

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Phone or Text 1(517) 918-1299

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