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ORDM. Jacquline Hayes Psychic Medium

Jacqueline Hayes Psychic Medium, Artist,

Hello and thank you for your interest. I am Jacqueline Hayes and I would like to tell you a little about myself.

I recognized when I was 3 years old that I was different. I knew things that everyone told me I shouldn't. I had flying dreams and went to places I couldn't get to and had no knowledge of as a child. I had been to Rome, China. When I would tell my Mother she would ask who told me about these places and I told her I really went there! I had friends that no one else could see but me. They care for me when I was scared and they whispered to me when I needed to be safe or to stay away from someone. To me it was normal but when I told my Mother or my playmates, I was told it wasn't real or I was laughed at. This is how it starts for many Psychics. And when you are young and have no one to explain it to you, you either keep it to yourself or let people make fun of you. So until my teens, I kept it to myself.

  When I was in middle school they use to call me the shrink. Friends and foes would come to me for advice. I was glad to help out. I didn't tell them that my" friends" (Guides and Angels) were helping me. It was also around this time in my life that my favorite band was getting a lot of press about using witchcraft and magic. Led Zeppelin lead me to the library! I needed to find out about this so-called magic! So off I went. I had a hard time finding books on witchcraft and magic at 13. But I asked around and soon found the information I was seeking. Some of it scared me straight away. And some of these wonderful books explained my abilities. Which at long last I knew who and what I was.

  For many years I practiced in secret. Giving readings to others like me and to friends I could trust that would not tell the world I was a witch. I honed my craft and read everything I could. In my 30's I joined like-minded groups and learned from my peers. And my reading practice grew. I took many classes and gained certificates in herbalism, Trance Healing, Reiki, Aura work, Life Coaching, and more. I believe with all my heart that knowledge is key and you must be open to it.

  I came out to my family as a Witch/Psychic 15 years ago. At first, I just got the stink eye and head shakes and now it is a bit easier. No stink eyes just a nod. I started working in metaphysical shops and tarot shops Because I love to help people with my gifts. I taught tarot at Kellogg College along with a Henna art class. I was a Graphic Artist and printer in my " Early years" And Now enjoy bring my artist skills into my practice. 

   It has been a long road and I have for the most part have been happily walking down it to each new phase. For me, this is the next phase and I am excited it is here! 

                                                I have been told I need to list all I can do, so here we go!

   I am ClairvoyantClairaudienceClairsentienceClairscentClairtangencyClairgustanceClairempathy, and a Channel. I  am an Ordain Minister,  Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Palm Reader, Tealeaf, Spiritborad, Pendulum, Spirit Artist, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and Crystal Healer. I have Certificates in, Herbalism, Coaching, Tarot, Trance Healing. I have an AAS. Psychology and Arts Degree. 

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