Making Magic with House Plants

Many people ask me how they can get it together or affect their everyday life with a spell. So, I thought I would post this one as it is a long-time committed spell much like our life is. Moreover, helps bring an everyday awareness to the task.

Things you will need to work this magic are:

· A live Plant

· Dirt

· Biodegradable paper to write on

· Paint

· Flowerpot

· Water

· And strong intention and willingness to care for the plant (Your Intention)

· Assorted crystals

· candle

The general idea of this spell is to tend to the live plant that is empowered with your purpose or intention and keep this intention ALIVE ! You can use this spell for many types of intended purposes. As an example, I will use caring for my finances as my intended purpose.

First things first, picking a plant. I have had many say “ I kill plants and cannot do this spell,” well right there is something to work on! However, in fact, many plants need little care and are happy to be tending to less than others are. Therefore, no fear! Here is a list of plants for those with a thumb not so green.

· Philodendron Xanadu

· Snake Plant (Mother-in-Law's Tongue)

· Aloe

· Lucky Bamboo

· Pothos

· Money Plant

· Cactus

· jade plants


These are just a few, do some research to see what plants feel good for your intention and if they are compatible with your pets and children.

Now it is time to pick a pot for your plant. I prefer a clay pot, it is after all of the earth, and a plain clay pot can be decorated in any fashion you like. Nevertheless, if you find one you like and it gives you the feels for your intentions than by all means get what feels good. I myself like to work with planets and astrology so I will also charge my items by this timing. But, for some of you who are baby witches or if your a free-wheeling eclectic spiritualist you can choose to skip this if you wish. After you have your plant, pot, dirt, and water Charge these items in an eastern exposer as I am writing this in winter try putting by the window. For a full 24 hours. Meanwhile, if you want to go full tilt with this, pick some tumbled crystals, that are charged for your intentions. Note: Tumbled Crystals are polished and less likely to dissolve. In this case, I will use Green jade, green aventurine, and green moss agate. After charging your items pick the day you will do your spell as this is intended for finances I will pick Thursday as it is a good day for wealth. If you work with Deities, you may ask for the help of them for your intention. Because I am a witch I will clear and cleanse my space, cast a circle called the corners, light my incense call on my helpers for my intention give them my offering for their help dress my candles and proceed to bless and charge all my ingredients. After all that I take my paper and write my intention on the paper, I will read them out loud 3 x Than clap loudly and light the paper and place it in a fireproof bowl to allow it to burn to ash. I then take the paint and paint my intention and any symbols on the inside of the pot. Try to use a thin layer of paint so it will dry somewhat fast. As you are painting imagine a white golden light coming down from the sky into your head (crown chakra) and going out thought your hands as you paint. This is charging the growing environment, after painting your pot get your dirt and use your hands to put some of the dirt into the pot still imaging the white golden light then add the ash from your burnt intention to the pot. You can also add your crystals at this time. Mix with your hands and mix in your MAGIC! Put enough dirt in the pot for your plant to sit at the brim of your pot than take your plant and hold onto it for a few minutes imaging as the plant grows so will your finances as you tend your plant so too will it remind you to tend your wealth and balance your wealth environment. Then plant your plant firm down all loose soil. Then water your plant with the charged water. Imagine this too is white golden-lighted water. Sit with your plant, the candle for a while, and meditate on your intention. When you feel the spell in done thank all you called to help and release them, close your circle and allow your candle to burn until gone. (You do not need a giant size candle a chime candle is a perfect size for this). This spell can be adapted to many different intentions and can be added too or subtracted from depending upon how you practice. Another thing one can do with the crystals is to add tumbled crystals to water and charge in a widow to water your magical plant.

I hope you give this a try. It has been very helpful and it is a beautiful way to have living magic in your home. Happy Spelling!

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