Nutrition for Retrograde

Written by Dr. Katrice Garland

What the Hell Do I Eat During a Retrograde?!

Firstly, while I am a nutritionist, I am not YOUR nutritionist nor YOUR please check with your preferred medical professional before attempting anything in this blog post.

During any major retrograde we mostly take the time to prepare our outward environment for the inward journey ahead. You know, gather your crystals, smudge your home, and brace yourself for shado-work. However, there's a missing piece to this puzzle: nutrition.

Retrogrades, whether major or minor, can wreak havoc on your body, forcing you to reach for random foods and/or drinks to "ground and center" yourself. Retrogrades are the spiritual form of a detox and so it only makes sense for you to do the same with your body. During Retrogrades, while you're sitting with yourself, doing all sorts of shadow work, listen to your body and give it a detox, if it needs it.

You'll want to consume foods that are from Earth herself. Doing so helps you to ground and center more easily and retune your body to its natural rhythm so that you can function better during the retrograde season. I recommend eating mainly fruits, veggies, legumes or beans, nuts and seeds. If you are a meat eater, then limit how much you meat you eat by participating in meatless Monday or choose a few days during the week where you limit meat consumption.

Again, before attempting any of the recommendations in this blog post, please consult your doctor and/or nutritionist.

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